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10 Great Reasons to Use Summer Solutions Products

10 Great Reasons to Use Summer Solutions Products

OK everyone, this week we’re taking a break from our regular writing about swimming, pools, water sports, aquatic exercise, water-based recreation, and other wet and wonderful topics. Instead, we’d like to take an opportunity to let you know about some of the great benefits and features of Summer Solutions products.

We’re swimmers and water lovers ourselves, and we use our own products because they solve plenty of common problems for regular swimmers and others who spend time in the pool or the open water. Summer solutions products do a lot to protect your skin, hair, and swimsuits from the damage that easily occurs due to extended or frequent submersion, chlorine, bromine, and other pool chemicals and metals.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read over our case for picking up some Summer Solutions products!

Benefits of Summer Solutions Products

  1. Stop smelling like the pool! And stop being told that you smell like one! Our swimsuit and self-care products neutralize—not just mask—the odor of pool chemicals.
  1. Keep your hair looking fabulous! Water, pool chemicals, and salt take a serious toll on the health of your hair. Summer Solutions products eliminate them and nourish your hair.
  1. Don’t go green! Blonds who spend a lot of time in the pool may be familiar with the unfortunate side effect of green-tinted hair. Our hair care products prevent and treat that green tint. Read more about this bizarre phenomenon here.
  1. Keep your skin looking and feeling great too! Our skincare products prevent and treat the drying and damaging effects of submersion and pool chemicals. Say goodbye to unsightly, irritated, itchy dry skin!
  1. Extend the life of your swimwear and save money! Fresh water, salt water, and pool chemicals fade swimsuits and weaken the material’s fibers, reducing elasticity. Our swimwear care products offer fabric-friendly ways to prevent these undesirable effects, and they’re so simple to use.
  1. Freshen up in a flash! Swim Wipes are a fast and easy way to clean up and eliminate the pool or ocean smell when you can’t take a shower. They’re perfect for sneaking in a quick dip on your lunch break.
  1. Don’t worry about limiting use! Gentle formulations ensure that all our swimwear care, hair care, and skincare products are safe for daily use. They won’t cause damage or drying.
  1. No gross leftovers! Our skin and hair applications won’t leave any sort of sticky, slimy, oily, or otherwise unpleasant residue.
  1. Protect your health! Summer Solutions products are free of parabens. These synthetic preservatives are strongly suspected to have adverse effects on human health with long-term exposure. One of the big worries is that they disrupt hormone function in ways that increase the risk of breast cancer and jeopardize reproductive function.
  1. Be good to the Earth! Our packaging is recyclable, so make sure to properly dispose of it!

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