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A Quick Look at How to Become a Surfing Instructor

A Quick Look at How to Become a Surfing Instructor

If you’re passionate about surfing and think that any great gig entails spending the day at the beach, becoming a surfing instructor may be your dream job. But just because you’ve been surfing for years, that doesn’t mean you can waltz right into the job. There’s a lot to learn, and you need to become certified to have a career as a surf instructor.

Here are the basics of what’s involved if you want to become a surfing instructor:

Becoming a Surf Coach

  • Read up on the skills you’ll need to demonstrate to get accepted into a surf coaching course; spend lots of time practicing until you become a competent, confident, in-control surfer
  • There’s a lot more to learn than just how to teach surfing techniques; for example, there’s student evaluation, managing students, lesson planning, coaching methods, safety and emergency procedures, coastal regulations, ocean dangers, risk assessment, equipment knowledge, effective communication, and more
  • Complete the required rescue and first aid training
  • Complete the required hours of training with a certified head surfing coach
  • Put time and attention into creating a standout resume; the surfing lifestyle may be laid back, but you still have to take the job search as seriously as in any other industry
  • Know your industry and keep up with new developments, including topics like the best gear and equipment, and prime surfing locations near you and around the world; this will help you shine in an interview and succeed once you become a surfing instructor
  • Network with surfers and surf instructors to increase your chances of finding a great opportunity with a reputable, successful surfing school

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