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Dedicated to swimming for fun and sport, and the science to make it more manageable every day.


Our story starts much like yours:

We love the water, want to look and feel our best, and we know that swimming is a great way to stay healthy.

And it continues much like yours:

We never like tossing expensive swimsuits because they’ve lost their color and elasticity from chlorine exposure and washings. And it frustrated us when our kids’ bathing suits fell apart before their younger siblings could grow into them.We also can’t stand the itching skin and “crunchy” hair that even showering doesn’t seem to help.

Where our stories probably diverge:

In 1997, we decided to apply our PhD in chemistry, our Master’s degree in engineering, and our many decades of combined product development experience to create innovative solutions to these problems that swimmers deal with every day.

Headquartered near Pittsburgh, PA, Summer Solutions launched with our inaugural product, Suit Solutions. This specially formulated swimsuit rinse neutralizes chlorine and protects suit material. It quickly became a success and is still our best seller to this day. Our enthusiastic customers didn’t waste any time letting us know they wanted something like One Step shampoo and conditioner and something like Soap+ to remove the chlorine from their hair and skin.

These too caught on, and the three fast-selling products drove us to continue developing our full line of great swimsuit, hair, and skin care products for swimmers.

We call ourselves “the chlorine experts,” but it’s not just a tag line—we have the scientific training, methods, and chops to back it up.

We know our products work because we’ve heard it from our customers and we use them ourselves. They’ve greatly improved our lives and those of our many customers around the country, providing long-awaited effective remedies to the downsides that come with the pursuit of a passion for the pool. Give them a try to see for yourself what a difference they make.

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