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Benefits of Having an Aquatic Workout Buddy

Benefits of Having an Aquatic Workout Buddy

When it comes to fitness regimens, many people struggle to keep up the motivation in the long term. For swimmers and people who do aquatic exercising, one of the best solutions for this problem is having an aquatic workout buddy. There are a number of reasons it’s so helpful, and a range of benefits overall.

Take a look at just some of the most compelling reasons for having an aquatic workout buddy below.

Why Have a Workout Partner in the Water?

  • It’s more fun when you get your exercise with a friend, and fun doesn’t just mean a good time—it also means you’re more likely to stick with your exercise regimen for the long haul
  • Having an aquatic workout buddy means you can set goals with each other, and goals are important for improving health and fitness
  • You can hold each other accountable for actually going to your scheduled workouts, and for meeting the goals you set together; accountability is so important, especially for people who aren’t quite as disciplined as they need to be
  • Adding a competitive element to your swimming or aquatics is highly motivating and gets you to push yourself just a little harder
  • Take turns watching each other’s form during certain swimming or aquatic exercise activities to maximize efficacy and minimize the risk of strains or other injuries
  • Teach each other new techniques and exercises for more variety and more comprehensive workouts
  • Have someone to talk to who has some insight into your patterns, concerns, and goals when you’re struggling physically or mentally with your water workout regimen
  • Have someone to celebrate with when you hit goals; recognizing success is crucial to short-term and long-term motivation
  • Know that you’re helping someone you care about achieve their goals and better health

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