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After Splash

After Splash chlorine removal kit provides complete cutting-edge care for swimmers' skin and hair

After Splash

It’s the total package when it comes to caring for your swimmer’s skin and hair. Eliminate the smell of pool chemicals, protect your body from their damaging effects, and prevent and treat green hair tint with Swimmer’s Own Shower Gel and One Step Shampoo and Conditioner.

Plus, pamper your skin and help prevent dryness and irritation with a luxuriously soft, extra-absorbent microfiber towel. Drying off never felt so good.

Makes a great gift for your favorite swimmers!


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Product Features

Gentle cleansing: deep cleaning that's safe for daily use

Just for swimmers: neutralize chlorine, bromine, & other chemicals & metals

Moisturizes & nourishes: contain aloe vera & vitamin E

Eliminates odors: get rid of chlorine & other pool chemical smells

Fresh fragrance: fresh juniper & cotton blossom scents

Paraben Free: do not contain paraben preservatives

Bottles: 8 oz with new snap-top lid, easy to hold

Towel: 11” x 15”, teal blue with small Summer Solutions logo, plush microfiber

Eco-friendly: recyclable bottles and towel packaging

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