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Soap +

Soap+ removes chlorine and pool odors and soothes dried-out swimmer's skin.

Soap +

Of all the benefits swimmers enjoy, healthier skin isn’t one. Chlorine and extensive submersion dry out and irritate the skin, giving it that stubborn potent pool smell, and often causing rashes to form.

Our soap is specially made for swimmers, effectively washing away pool additives and odors while cleaning and soothing the skin and helping to protect it from swim-related damage.

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Product Features

Natural ingredients: made with soy milk, olive oil, and palm oil

Gentle cleansing: safe for facial and daily use

Moisturizes & soothes: relieves itchy, dry skin

Just for swimmers: neutralizes chlorine, bromine, and other chemicals

Eliminates odors: gets rid of chlorine and other pool chemical smells

Fresh fragrance: light honeysuckle scent

Paraben-free: does not contain paraben preservatives

Package: 3.5oz bar, recyclable box

How to Use

  • icon Wash normally using Soap+
  • icon Lather well over the skin
  • icon Rinse soap thoroughly, and the chlorine goes with it

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