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Moisture Therapy

Moisture Therapy hydrates and soothes as part of a swimmer's skin care regimen.

SS Moisture Therapy New Package

Moisture Therapy

Extensive water and chlorine exposure strips the skin of its natural moisturizing oils. This can leave your skin dry, flaky, scaly, itchy, rashy, and otherwise irritated and unhealthy.

For swimmers, a tailored daily skin care regimen makes it possible to beat these uncomfortable skin problems. Rehydrating is an essential part of the process.

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Product Features

Hydrates & refreshes: restores moisture to the skin

Pleasant application: goes on easily and leaves no oily residue

Naturally soothes: contains aloe vera

Gentle formulation: good for daily and whole-body use

Fresh fragrance: subtle coconut lime verbena scent

Paraben-free: does not contain paraben preservatives

Size: 7oz squeeze tube

How to Use

  • icon Use after swimming or anytime
  • icon Dispense desired amount and massage into skin
  • icon Use as often as required
  • icon Use for softening skin, not for neutralizing chlorine

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