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Suit Solutions

Suit Solutionsswimsuit rinse neutralizes chlorine, eliminating odors while protecting your suit.

Suit Solutions

Chlorine takes a toll on any swimsuit’s color, elasticity, and condition. So do repeated washings and harsh cleansers, and even after rinsing your suit will still contain chlorine because even tap water is chlorinated.

Finally, there’s an effective product specially formulated to remove chlorine and its strong odors from your swimsuit, helping to keep it in top shape.

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Product Features

Easy to use: put two capfuls in water and swish the suit around, no need to rinse

Fast-acting: neutralizes chlorine and bromine left on you in seconds

Fabric-safe: use daily on swimwear without aging the material

Eliminates odors: gently cleans and freshens the suit, eliminates the chlorine smell, doesn't mask it with fragrances

Protects materials: helps keep colors from fading and fabrics from losing their elasticity

Saves money: extends the life of swimwear

Paraben-free: does not contain paraben preservatives

Bottle: 8oz, easy to hold, recyclable bottle and cap

How to Use

  • icon Fill a basin with enough water to cover your swimwear
  • icon Add two capfuls and swish swimwear in the liquid; chlorine is neutralized in seconds
  • icon Work the liquid through the suit to clean all areas
  • icon Dry swimwear according to manufacturer instructions
  • icon Some pools are over chlorinated; repeat if chlorine odor is still present, but less product is required for second use

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