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Swim Wipes

Swim Wipes clean and deodorize swimmers' skin when there's no time for a shower.


Swim Wipes

Whether you want to get in a quick dip or a full workout, sometimes there just isn’t time for a shower but you know if you don’t that you’ll have itchy skin and that tell-tale chlorine smell.

Obviously you’re not going to skip a swim. Skip the shower instead with your new best friend—a highly convenient way to clean up between the pool and work or all those other places that cut into your pool time.

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Product Features

Ultimate convenience: quickly freshen up after swimming or exercising

Easy to use: just unfold the sheet and wipe yourself down

Effective cleansing: removes sweat, dirt, chlorine, and more from the skin

Gentle & natural: made with plant extracts, not harsh chemicals

Moisturizes & soothes: contains aloe vera

Eliminates odors: gets rid of sweat, chlorine, and other pool chemical smells

Fresh fragrance: fresh citrus green tea scent

Paraben- & gluten-free: does not contain paraben or gluten

How to Use

  • icon Unfold and wipe on skin
  • icon Avoid contact with eyes

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