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Sand & Surf

Sand and Surf deep cleans and protects swimsuits from the many elements open-water swimmers encounter.

Sand & Surf

Swimsuits and wetsuits can harbor chlorine, salt, dirt, sand, sweat, sunscreen,  the occasional blob of ice cream, and other abrasive stuff after a day at the beach, lake, or pool. They fade colors, tighten and wear out fabrics, impart unpleasant odors, and irritate your skin.

We’ve developed a swimsuit cleaner that takes care of the dirtiness you can see, as well as the invisible gunk that you can’t see.

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Product Features

Easy to use: put one capful in water, lather by hand, and rinse

Fast-acting: immediately neutralizes chlorine, bromine, and other chemicals in seconds

Powerful cleanser: provides an effective deep clean that's safe for all fabrics

Protects: helps keep colors from fading and fabrics from losing their elasticity

Eliminates odors: doesn't mask them with fragrances

Saves money: extends the life of suits and wetsuits

Bottle: 4oz recyclable bottle and cap

How to Use

  • icon Fill a basin with enough water to cover your swimwear
  • icon Add one capful of Sand & Surf and hand wash
  • icon Work the suds into and through the suit to clean all areas
  • icon Rinse product from the suit using cool water
  • icon Dry swimwear according to manufacturer instructions

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