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Tips for Going to a Water Park with Kids

Tips for Going to a Water Park with Kids

Water parks are tons of fun and a great way to beat the heat in the summer. Plus, they’re a particularly memorable experience for children, whether just as a treat or as part of a vacation. But going to a water park with kids can also be a bit of a hassle if you’re not well prepared and don’t take proper precautions to prevent them—or yourself—from getting overwhelmed by the outing.

Look over these tips for going to a water park with kids to help make sure everyone has the best time possible.

Water Park Survival Tips

  • Choose a water park that has plenty to do for everyone in your family or group—for example, thrill rides for older kids and adults or toddler-friendly attractions, as applicable
  • If you have the option, go on a weekday rather than a weekend for smaller crowds and shorter wait times for rides
  • Arrive as early as you can for the same reason
  • Make a game plan ahead of time to ensure you hit all the rides, attractions, and water features you and the kids want to do, especially if you’re visiting a sizable water park or have limited time
  • Find out in advance about the park’s rules for life vests on young kids going into the wave pool and other water features; if you have your own, take it along
  • Children who aren’t fully potty trained need to wear swim diapers at any water park
  • Always closely watch young kids in the water, even if there are lots of lifeguards around
  • Bring your own towels, even if the water park provides them, as they’re often not in the greatest shape
  • Don’t forget a change of clothes, or at least some extra towels to sit on, for the ride home or back to your hotel
  • Wear comfortable water shoes
  • Don’t wear clothing, swimsuits, or accessories that have metal, zippers, studs, or other components that pose risks of damaging water rides or causing injury; there’s a good chance you won’t be allowed on some rides
  • Women are considerably safer from accidentally putting on a risqué show when wearing a one-piece bathing suit
  • Take along a pack of Summer Solutions Swim Wipes to quickly and easily freshen up for a lunch break and before getting back in the car
  • Bring water bottles and nutritious, satisfying snacks like granola bars or whole grain crackers—if the water park you’re visiting allows outside food (many are OK with it if you have little ones, but find out before you go)
  • Drink lots of water through the day and make sure the kids are staying hydrated too
  • Set up a designated meeting place and a check-in time if older kids are going off on their own, and just in case people get separated
  • Consider a cabana rental if they’re offered, as these are convenient places to rest (a water park entails a lot of walking and activity, especially for young children), get out of the sun for a while, and recharge with a snack or meal
  • Consider renting a locker so you don’t have to deal with lugging around your bags and having someone stay behind to watch them while everyone else enjoys the rides and water
  • Keep phones and wallets in a light waterproof case or tightly sealed plastic baggie

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