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Tips for Preventing and Removing Sunscreen Stains from a Swimsuit

Tips for Preventing and Removing Sunscreen Stains from a Swimsuit

We all know how important sunscreen is for preventing sunburns, sun damage to our skin, and skin cancer. And we all know what it’s like to love a swimsuit that just fits and feels perfect. And, most of us know what it’s like to find a beloved swimsuit stained by sunblock.

Unfortunately, some of the same ingredients that help sunscreen stay on us in the water and that protect us from UV radiation also make it particularly stubborn when it comes to adhering to swimsuit fibers. It also doesn’t help that the absorbent synthetic materials that swimwear is made from are really good at soaking your sunscreen up.

Obviously, you should never be deterred from protecting yourself against the sun’s potentially harmful rays. And no swimmer should ever be deterred from buying and enjoying quality swimwear. So, here are some pointers for preventing and removing sunscreen stains from a swimsuit.

Dealing with Sunblock Stains on Swimwear

  • Wash your swimwear promptly after use by submerging it in lukewarm water and swishing it around with a specially formulated swimsuit cleanser like Summer Solutions Sand & Surf
  • Make sure you agitate the water and really swirl the swimsuit around so that the water and cleanser gets into the material fibers
  • If there’s a stubborn stain, let the swimsuit soak for up to half an hour in the water and cleanser after you swish it around for several minutes
  • Pre-treat sunblock stains with a stain remover when you’re putting your swimsuit in the washing machine (but remember, don’t put it in the dryer, as this can cause it to shrink and lose elasticity, and it can weaken the fibers)
  • You can also mix a bit of liquid dish soap and water together, then scrub the sunscreen stain with the solution using a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Lemon juice or white vinegar diluted by 50 percent with cold water is another homemade remedy that effectively breaks down stains caused by sunscreen
  • Remember to lay your swimsuit down and let it air dry, but not in direct sunlight to avoid fading and damage (and don’t wring it out, drape it, or hang it)

Take great care of your swimwear!

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